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Insurance preimiums grow faster than wages and inflation

That's not really news to anyone who is paying for health insurance. It confirms what everyone who works for a living already knows. The burning question is: Given how messed up the system is, and how upset people are about access and skyrocketing costs, where is the outcry from the masses? Why are people not insisting on legislative action? There must be a reason why a grassroots demand for change does not seem to exist. Care to speculate?

For fodder, check out a recent article in the Oregonian..."Politicians offer small repairs, not big reform for Oregon's ailing health care system."

And for more fodder, here is the report on rising health insurance premiums. The survey found that premiums have increased 87 percent over the past six years. Family health coverage now costs an average $11,480 annually, with workers paying an average of $2,973 toward those premiums, about $1,354 more than in 2000.

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Sep 28, 2006 3:00:01 PM
JustaDog says

I think your annual quotes are way high. I pay total coverage for my family at much less than 1/2 of the amount you posted.

Insurance rates are higher due to absurb medical suits, illegal aliens flooding the clinics/hospitals (who have to bear the costs), and other preventable reasons.

Sep 29, 2006 3:40:26 PM
Jean says

Yeah, but are you factoring in the amount that your employer pays too? And not sure how preventable the reasons you list are (explain how to prevent medical suits?)or that relevant even. The reasons health care costs are high are, as I understand it, due to ineffeciencies in the system combined with the unpaid costs that hospitals must cover due to taking care of uninsured people and below-cost reimbursements by Medicaid. There is no free lunch, eventually it all gets passed on to insured people...

Sep 29, 2006 3:48:38 PM
sara says

Our politicians are getting away with not having proposals to fix our health care system because: the average person simply can't wrap their brain around this huge issue, the average politician still remembers the Hilary debacle at the beginning of the Clinton era and avoids the topic all together out of fear of the wrath of insurance, drug and other lobbies, the upper middle class is not yet pinched enough (that will change soon), our fed government is doing its best to focus our attention overseas so that we will not vote on domestic issues, people are just trying to get by, going out and advocating for anything other than an ice cold one is pretty hard at the end of the day. Most of all, there is NO GENUINE LEADERSHIP ON THE ISSUE. Put it all together, you get apathy. That's changing, I hope, and I applaud John Kitzhaber and Mitch Greenlick (and friends) for having the courage to try to change this system from the ground up.

Oct 17, 2006 8:51:08 AM
Kathleen says

According to a new Health Affairs poll, the reason the public is surprisingly unengaged in health care reform is because there are too many other issues at stake in the coming election. Here is the first part of the study summary, with a link:

As Mid-Term Elections Near, Harvard Researcher Says In Health Affairs That Americans See Health Care As A 'Second-Tier' Priority For Government Action

Bethesda, MD -- Americans say that high costs and the lack of insurance and access to care are the most pressing health care problems for government to address, Robert Blendon and coauthors report in an article published today as a Health Affairs Web Exclusive. Writing a month before the 2006 congressional election, the researchers also say that health care overall is a "second-tier issue" for the American public, ranking behind Iraq, the economy, and gasoline prices as a priority for government action. Read the rest at: http://www.healthaffairs.org/indexhw.php

Sep 1, 2008 11:08:13 AM
Idaho Real Estate says

No doubt health care premiums and costs are out of control. I am real estate broker in Idaho and the number of Realtors in my area that do not have health insurance is amazing. What is interesting about this is that the Realtors that do not carry health insurance are relatively young. If the younger generation cannot afford health insurance what does this say about the elderly who's insurance skyrockets with age even if they have no claims? It is definately a huge issue and probably one of the most important issues this country faces.

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